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ICDM 2018

Presenter's guidelines

Presentation guidelines


  • Authors are asked to make early registration for the secretariat to arrange presentation schedule accurately.
  • In case of intending to make on-site registration, informing by email in advance is required.
  • Not registered author’s paper will be withdrawn by the committee after the registration deadline.

1. Oral presentation

  • A. Date & Time: Thursday 11 October 16:00~17:00 / Friday 12 October 15:00~16:00 / Saturday 13 October 13:30~14:30
  • B. Room: Meeting room, Hotel 2F
  • C. Allocated time: 8 minutes talk & 4 minutes discussion
  • D. Slide format: MS PowerPoint 2003 ~ latest
  • E. Language: English

2. Poster exhibition

  • A. Date: Friday 12 October ~ Saturday 13 October, 2018
  • B. Venue: Lobby, Convention Center (1F, 4F)
  • Category Place Assignment
    Behavior, nutrition, education & exercise Small Hall, 1F, Convention Center PE001-PE053
    Clinical diabetes Small Hall, 1F, Convention Center PE054-PE094
    Epidemiology / genetics Small Hall, 1F, Convention Center PE095-PE122
    Integrated physiology / obesity Small Hall, 1F, Convention Center PE141-PE171
    Macrovascular complications Small Hall, 1F, Convention Center PE172-PE187
    Microvascular complications Small Hall, 1F, Convention Center PE188-PE208
    Metabolic syndrome & prediabetes Small Hall, 1F, Convention Center PE209-PE240
    Therapeutics of diabetes Lobby, 4F, Convention Center PE241-PE274
    Diabetes education case Lobby, 4F, Convention Center PE275-PE278
  • C. Mounting: Before 9:00, Friday 12 October 2018
  • D. Demounting: After 16:30, Saturday 13 October, 2018
  • E. Poster size: 90cm(W) X 140cm(H)
  • F. Language: English

Speaker’s preview room

Speaker’s preview room hours

Date Time
11 ~ 13 October 2018 Each of the daily schedule;
Open 1 hour before start
Close 30 minutes after end
  • - Checking slide-deck(s) at the speaker’s preview room is the single most important action you will take to ensure your presentation is a success. It is required to check into the place at least 1 hour before presentation start time.
  • - Authors should make sure all fonts appear as expected and all sound/video clips are working properly while reviewing presentation slides.
  • - Note: It is possible to bring your slides onto either usb stick or own laptop having RGB port.

Presentation Equipment

  • 1. Meeting rooms are equipped with Windows PCs.
    W10 / MS PowerPoint ~2016
    USB ports
    No CD drive
    RGB-Video ports
  • 2. All the authors must check in the Preview Room at least 1 hours before the start of presentation.
  • 3. Slides saved in MS powerpoint is fully recommended.
  • 4. If you want to use your own laptop, please check the followings;
    A. Even though you will use private laptop, it is absolutely required to meet technicians in the Preview room.
    B. Bring your own AC adaptor, auxiliary output adaptor (D-sub 15 pin) and connector.
    C. Turn-off screensaver and the power saving setting.
    D. A backup copy which can be run in either MS powerpoint or PDF viewer must be prepared.
D-sub 15 adaptor type Accessory connecters