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ICDM 2018


Oral presentation
Name ICDM2018 Date 2018-09-10 14:41:44 Hit 1,099
Dear Oral presentation authors

Thanks for your active participation in the meeting!
Presenting authors are recommended to check their assigned presentation number and schedule be referring to the below information.

•Date & Time: Thursday 11 October 16:00~17:00 / Friday 12 October 15:00~16:00 / Saturday 13 October 13:30~14:30
•Room: Meeting room, Hotel 2F
•Allocated time: 8 minutes talk & 4 minutes discussion
•Slide format: MS PowerPoint 2003 ~ latest
•Language: English

File1 COI_Eng.pptx COI_Eng.pptx (Down 162)
File2 Oral presentation.pdf Oral presentation.pdf (Down 324)
File3 Presentation Guidelines.pdf Presentation Guidelines.pdf (Down 154)